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So Close Janitors & Consultancy

Estate & Facility Management, Janitorial and Administrative Services


So Close Janitors and Consultancy was conceived at the security gate of Wesley Methodist Church No 1 Harbour Road Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria, on March 2013 while I was a security guard there. The then name was So Close Home Services, I printed a couple of flyers and complement card launch out for marketing on the following month being April. After that Doggett and zealous marketing I received calls from two clients one later council the appointment till date, the other engage us first for window cleaning which we were paid N3,500 being our first earning as So Close Home Services. It took about six months for the same client to give us another job of washing and ironing clothes, after then it took about four months for the same client to offer us cleaning contract in her business place were we carry out industrial cleaning for her. It was there I came in contact with her daughter, who after one year offer us another industrial cleaning in her new apartment she got to stay with her husband. It was after then we share the real and true vision of So Close Janitors & Consultancy to them, what was it? To be cleaning their house for them weekly while they pay us a token at the end of the month. To God be the glory they accepted, and it as been a wonderful moment since then till date. We have under gone many changes, but today we are happy to present to you So Close Janitors Consultancy as an Estate & Facility management, Janitorial & Administrative services Company.

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